Goodbye, design career. I'm moving onwards, and (hopefully) upwards Final website design from Gungurru - Dunlop Hawkins

I've stopped doing freelance work for web & graphic design. I've learnt some incredible skills since starting Gungurru back in 2007 at the tender age of 14, and it's time to focus my skills on brand image, strategy, and of course my own projects.

You can now catch me on my personal site, Twitter, LinkedIn, or (not really) Google+.

Oh, and if you're a startup, or have a brilliant business idea, I'm sure we can work together.

Dunlop Hawkins Website Design
Kimpton Manor Apple Press Screenshot
Print Typographic Project
Coventry Student Night Poster

Brand Image

Is where I'm going from here. I'm still designing, but I'm not actively seeking payment. I'm more interesting in designing for meaningful projects, businesses or brands.

You can check out my personal site, where I've got articles on all sorts of design & business related nonsense.